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Sandy's Approach

When we are in our own true center, we are able to enter into higher vibrational states such as peace
, joy, courage, willingness, and trust regardless of our external circumstances. More and more, modern day scientists are in agreement with ancient mystics that this indeed is our natural state, our true nature. If so, then why is it to difficult to attain and to maintain?

One way of explaining would be to say that we have “lost our relation” to ourselves, others, and the larger world of nature. Perhaps a more accurate statement would be to say that we have lost our awareness of these connections. As we restore this consciousness, we can change our biochemistry, cultivate positive relationships, and harmonize and be nourished by the vast energies of the natural world.

In order to restore what is lost, we need to engage all the parts of ourselves, including all three of our brains. Research now shows that we have brain cells and brain activity not only in our heads, but also in our hearts, and even bellies as well. These brains are all interconnected so that a change in any one of them—i.e.our bodies, our emotions, or our thoughts—has an effect on the others and the whole. Sandy uses a combination of the following modalities based on individual needs: traditional talk therapy, dream work, the enneagram, interactive guided imagery, breath work, energy psychology, the enneagram, inquiry, tai chi and chi kung.